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Where Are They Now? Trotter, The French Bulldog

March 11, 2015

ptrotterdogA year and a half ago, I featured the cutest little dog Trotter on my blog. I remember posting the photos and instantly oohing and aahing at them. To this day, I have no clue what I wrote or how I finished that post (laughs). Sometimes the cutest things can do that to a person.

One day, while I was reflecting on the upcoming brand change, I remembered Trotter and thought to myself.. I wonder what that cutie pie is up too. And from the looks of it, Trotter is doing just fine (you might want to click this link).

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Is This A.. Photo or Painting?

February 24, 2015

archicheriIt’s time for another mind exercise (smiles). And today I have the pleasure of featuring the amazing work of Artist Raquel Chicheri. So what do you think… is this a Photo or a Painting?

The answer will be revealed at 7PM (Eastern standard time), so THINK FAST and no cheating (yes, I’m full aware you can look up the artist work, but as always I trust you *wink*). So what will it be.. Photo or Painting?

UPDATE: Well it’s 7pm and I have the answer… It’s a Photo. Thank you to everyone who participated today.. we’ll do this again sometime soon (smiles). Until then…