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Exclusively, Ryan Korban

May 18, 2011

I featured a room from designer Ryan Korban (with the incredible artwork) last week, and since then I’ve enjoyed viewing more of his work. I love how Ryan transforms a room and make it more unique than his last creation. I was shocked when I discovered he’s an untrained interior stylist; but talent isn’t based on what is taught but rather how you convey your vision.

Just viewing Ryan’s work, I get inspiration on how to add update and add new touches to my room without spending a lot. I’ve learned that one or two new items can make your room feel brand new without purchasing a lot of unnecessary stuff. And the artwork in these photos, are amazing. Check out Ryan Korban’s website here and feel inspired by what you can do to update any room in your home or apartment. Happy Hump Day :)


Kim Holtermand Photography

April 19, 2011

Denmark’s freelance architectural and landscape photographer Kim Holtermand, captures the right moment at the right time. His eye for the right angle and his attention to composition, evokes a story out of every photograph he takes. And of course, I love his work more because he began his career as a graphic designer (where I began my career). Unfortunately when returning to his website, I noticed his photos were gone; so I’m not sure how much more of his work you will get to view. But I will still include the website I have, hoping it will return. Enjoy and have a wonderful Tuesday :)


Dirk Rees Photography

April 12, 2011

London commercial photographer Dirk Rees captures the moments most people wish they could. His eye for each photo tells a story of something extraordinary. Dirk has also worked in film, which allows him to capture these memorable moments and stop them in time. Each persons photo shows movement and motion, while creating a conversation piece. Beautiful and simplistic. To view more of Dirk Rees work, visit his website here. Enjoy these and have a wonderful day :).