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Baked Fish Fillets

April 3, 2015

Usually around spring time, I begin to eat lighter. Not because I’m watching my weight, but because heavier food always seems to make me sluggish when warm weather appears. Who wants to drag their feet on a beautiful, sunny spring day… not I. So when I came across this baked fish recipe, I knew it would be added to my warm weather dinner choices.


I decided not to add the sherry or the chopped parsley. I don’t drink (did I ever tell you that?), so I usually stay away from cooking with wine. However, I did saut√© butter and garlic, which became the sauce for my fish. I also used Cod for this recipe because it was what I had on hand. Read The Full Post

The Kitchen


February 6, 2015

kvdaysimplemenuAm I the only one that absolutely hates going out on Valentine’s Day? It’s usually too crowded to enjoy yourself. And I always run into several interesting people during this holiday. Whether it’s the guy that buys a HUGE teddy bear for his woman and places it on the floor of the restaurant so that everyone can trip over it… or the loud guy next to your table who keeps commenting on his woman “of the moment” breast all night… yes going out on V-Day is definitely interesting (laughs).

Which is why I LOVE staying in on Valentine’s Day. I may not be a huge fan of this holiday (because I feel you should profess your love for someone every day of the year), but who could turn down a simple dinner with the one you love.

I ditched the restaurant, the guess what candy you’re going to get next box, and plan on making a simple yet delicious dinner. And so can you.
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