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Chocolate Bundt Cake

February 24, 2012

O Chocolate.. wherefore art thou chocolate.. (laughs). Before you get upset at me for butchering Shakespeare’s most beloved play, I must tell you, that’s how I reacted when I saw this cake. Yes, as you can tell I’m featuring ‘cake day‘ today and I decided to start off with this delicious Chocolate Bundt Cake recipe from the website Food52 (I love a lot of their recipes). At this moment, I’ve decided, to stop typing and allow this cake to speak for itself. View the ingredient list below, and click above for the full recipe. Another ‘cake‘ recipe is coming up..

The Kitchen

Short Rib Ragu

October 21, 2011

Around here, it’s getting a lot colder; and when the temperature drops, I love to make a “comfort food” dish. So I went to the trusty website, and found this beautiful Short Rib Ragu recipe. I remember eating short ribs (with the bone in) at my mom’s house when I was little, so I had a feeling this dish might make me smile and of course one up my mom 😉 (of course nothing beats my mom’s cooking to me). And I love that  you can reuse these leftovers to make a new and wonderful dish (like a good ol’ po’ boy). Enjoy the ingredients list below and click the link above for the recipe. Enjoy :)

The Kitchen

Roasted Chicken w/Cardamom & Yogurt

October 14, 2011

By now, I think everyone knows I’m a connoisseur of chicken recipes (lucky for me I know a lot about other things too lol). For me, chicken is easy to cook, I can clean it in my sleep, and can be a delicious meal paired with any side dishes. This Roasted Butterflied Chicken with Cardamom and Yogurt recipe, from, took my breath away; and I love that it’s cooked in a cast iron pan. And the yogurt sauce.. looks divine. Perfect for dinner in the winter. View the ingredients list below and click the link above for the recipe. Happy Friday!