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The Kitchen


June 10, 2014

gmgadgets14Everyone knows summer is also known as grilling season. Just typing that got me all excited (laughs). I can remember having BBQ’s at my grandma’s house; sure they may have been unconventional because Read More

Window Shopping


May 7, 2014

When I was 10, I can remember saving all of my allowance (which was just a $1.. remember when a $1 could go a long way?) to buy my mother something nice for Mother’s Day. I was determined to be different from all the other kids by actually purchasing a small gift that would go along with my homemade crayon card. That year, and every year I made my mother smile.
mgifts14 Read More


My Winter Closet

January 7, 2012

In my last personal post, I give everyone a glimpse into the world of me. I, quite frankly, thought I was kinda boring (laughs). So all this month (since this is my birthday month), I decided to give you a glimpse into my life.. my closet, my fav. things, and maybe a photo of me (some of you thought I should post one and some of you thought I should remain anonymous). Today, you’re stepping into my closet. Here are some of the winter items I love/own and each item cost less than $70.. you know I love a bargain. Yes, there is a lot of black, but I rather bring in color through tops/accessories. Basic pieces help me stay on budget (and yes that’s the $30 Steve Madden purse I got from Marshall’s; and I did tell you if I wore a dress it would be no frills). What are you favorite winter items in your closet?

Left to right: ASOS Polo neck Midi Dress . Braided Chain Necklace . Twist & Rhinestone Bangles . Steve Madden Makala Satchel Bag . Winter Legging . Kenneth Cole Reaction Turn & Flirt Booties