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The Roger

April 8, 2015

Since I was born in the tri-state area of New York City, I know more about the city than you’re average tourist. And if you’re planning a trip to NYC, then they are some things you must do. You must pack for any type of weather, you must find out what a Metro Card is, and you definitely need to do an extensive review check on every hotel you’re considering. Some hotels advertise a chic experience with a view, but honestly what you’re really getting is a tiny room, with no view, and no room for your suitcase. Sorry, I hate to break it to you.

Which is why it’s imperative for you to save up for the trip and visit a more lux hotel. There are so many to choose from (that actually have deals during some part of the seasons) but one of my favorite happens to be The Roger Hotel. And here’s why…


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Common Sense Tips for The Modern Shopper

April 6, 2015

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter holiday, I know I did. Now that the holiday is over, it’s time to look for deals. I LOVE to shop. There’s just something about entering a store and seeing beautiful items. What I dislike about shopping is the horrible face I get when I find out how high an item is priced, how crowded it can be, and how you can never find anyone to assist you.  Shopping definitely has its ups and it’s downs.

So today, I thought I’d share my tactical approach to shopping that will take care of what we (you and me) might dislike about shopping. You ready? Continue Reading

Jet Setter

Daycation… Buenos Aires, Argentina

March 4, 2015

travelbaargentinaIt’s March, spring is near, and I think it’s time we go somewhere warm and exciting. Someplace that has amazing architecture and people who love to dance the tango near a local café. You know, a place where we can get lost and enjoy the surroundings around us. Yes, you’ve guess it… we’re going to Argentina.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to visit Buenos Aires, Argentina. I think it started when I read an article stating Buenos Aires was the Paris of South America. So I thought today is as good as any to take a traveling break through photos with you. And I’m loving places like the Plaza de Mayo, the Teatro Colón opera house, Buenos Aires Japanese Gardens, ahhh the list of places I want to visit is endless.

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