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August 6, 2014

As a little girl, I always envisioned getting engaged in Paris and having my wedding at the biggest mansion I could find with 300 guest. Yes, I was 6 when I came up with this plan (laughs).
Fast Forward to today, and having a big wedding just isn’t appealing anymore. I’d rather have a romantic, intimate wedding with 80 guests, I’d want it outdoors with close family and friends, and I definitely want great food with an ice cream bar somewhere in the mix (laughs). And no I’m not hinting to someone special (laughs). So through photos, here is what my dream day would look like.


The Kitchen


April 18, 2014

The Rehearsal dinner is the time where you get to thank your bridal party and your family for sharing in your wonderful day. But sometimes that dinner can be expensive. Whether you cater it or go out to a restaurant, it seems everyone wants to jack up the price when you say the magical word of “wedding”. So if you’re looking to keep the cost down, then you should really think about making dinner yourself. These easy recipes can feed a crowd and control the budget. Here are some of my favorites that will wow any crowd.
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Stylish Entertaining


April 17, 2014

I love planning parties and making moodboards. And since this week is all about weddings, I thought I’d plan an engagement party that is romantic, beautiful, and fun. Quite honestly, if I ever had the chance to plan my own engagement party, it would probably look similar to this.

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